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4. Youth Team Player and Management Sponsorship 2019-20

New details for 2019/20 Please note the Development and 1st Team are also available for sponsorship.
£50 per player/management
Name in the programme and on this page as well as the individuals profile page.

PlayerName in programme
Harry Ambleravailable
Niall Aspellavailable
Owen Aspellavailable
Liam Campbell available
Ty Driscoll available
Jack Haynesavailable
Anthony Hennisavailable
Tom Jordanavailable
Alex Milleravailable
Josh Monkavailable
William Morganavailable
Ben Morton (Also 1st Team)Chris Clancy
Chris Morton (Coach)available
Shane O’Sullivanavailable
Liam Parryavailable
Jamie Povey (Coach)Stu Povey
Charlie Richardson available
Callum Rosieravailable
Ben Thornton (Manager)available
Ethan Walkeravailable
Elliot Walshawavailable
Sam Wheeleravailable
Joel Wrightavailable